Our Services

ISE Listing Services (ISELS) has been recognised as a listing agent by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) for the admission of securities to the European Wholesale Securities Market (EWSM). As a listing agent to the EWSM, our services include:

  • the handling of all interactions between issuers and arrangers of wholesale fixed securities and the MFSA and the EWSM, as appropriate, in relation to the approval, listing and admission of securities on the EWSM. All submission documents should be sent to submissions@isels.ie.
  • a comprehensive review of wholesale debt prospectuses to ensure as far as possible compliance with the Guidelines for Listing and Trading on the EWSM prior to submission to the MFSA and EWSM as appropriate.
  • Assistance and preparation of supporting documentation required by the MFSA and EWSM.

Discussing proposal 2Combining the expertise and experience of the ISELS team and a very competitive pricing structure, ISELS also leverages the technology of the Irish Stock Exchange to ensure its services are as streamlined and efficient as possible. Please contact Brian to find out more.